About Us

Who are we and why should you trust us? Here’s everything you should know about us.

Susan Anderson 2019 © Julie Broadfoot – www.juliebee.co.uk

Once upon a time … not so very long ago, there was a project manager called Susan Anderson. She worked long hours and liked to travel in her spare time. However, she seemed to spend half her annual leave sitting around waiting on deliveries and plumbers.  Lunch hours were spent trying to run her life, go to the post office and plan her trips.  She realised there must be an easier way and lots of people out there like her, so she started Girl Monday.

Girl Monday has taken that project management professionalism, and applied it to people’s lives. Our services are fast, reliable and efficient, and our people are polite and easy to work with. If we tell you we can do something we will – at a time to suit you. We don’t do everything ourselves (Susan would be the first to admit that she is can’t garden and has a cleaner for her own house), but the things we don’t do, we know people that do, and will work with them to get the job done. We have a contact book to be jealous of!

Our philosophy is simple: great service when you need it.

Girl Monday is based in Glasgow, but we undertake work in West Lothian,Inverclyde, Dunbartonshire, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire and Renfrewshire. Not sure if we cover your area? Just ask.

All staff have Disclosure Scotland and references are provided on request. We’ll never give your house keys to anyone we wouldn’t give our own house keys to.

We carry full insurance, including public liability, pet sitting and multi-car.