May 2019
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Decluttering Works!

After - sitting room

Before – sitting room

Susan recently took on a flat which the owner wanted to sell, and knew wasn’t really looking it’s best. The owner has been there 12 years, and needs somewhere bigger. The front room serves as both sitting room and bedroom. It is a good size and is a lovely . . . → Read More: Decluttering Works!

Holiday planning

I hate to be a doom monger, but I’m a huge, huge, believer in pre-emptive measures to try and avoid the worst happening -the 6 Ps and all that.

So, you’re off on your summer holidays. Wahey! The kids have finished school, you’ve found the passports, packed the EHIC Cards. What else? Obviously, I think . . . → Read More: Pre-Holiday thoughts.


Receipts are annoying. And Fiddly. And absolutely essential to keep – especially if you do any self employed or freelance work.

Here’s my top tip on keeping on top of them.

1. Empty your wallet weekly. Do it as part of your routine – like ironing shirts for work, or buying groceries.

2. Stick all . . . → Read More: Receipts

Domestic Life and Cleaning

I don’t know about you, but I spent a fair portion of the bank holiday weekend in the sunshine, feeling slighty guilty about all the housework I promised myself I would do.

I am not – as those who know me well would tell you – a domestic goddess. Nope, not at all. What I . . . → Read More: Run your home like a business.

Make the most of desk time

A guide for getting the most of being in the office.

These days it seems that I have two types of days – office days, where it’s easy to easy to let tasks drag out and ‘out and about’ days, where it seems hard to get anything done in the time frame when I’m at . . . → Read More: Make the most of desk time

September Special Offer

From 7th – 30th September, Girl Monday is running a special offer of up to 25% off on de-cluttering/ home organisation / office re-organisation.

We are charging £55/ half day and £100 for a full day – usually it’s £65 and £130. AND we’ll give you an extra £10 off if you refer a friend. . . . → Read More: September Special Offer

Girl Monday's week

Another post in my occasional series highlighting what a concierge does all week.

Collect vases and have them filled with flowers Get shoes repaired and watch batteries fitted Grocery shopping Taking books, drinks and treats to a lady in hospital while her daughter is away Buying a caesar – style laurel wreath for a fancy . . . → Read More: Girl Monday’s week

A Concierge week in Numbers

I’ve broken the past week’s work into numbers – here are some of them.

4: the Number of properties I’ve let myself into – to collect post, check the painters have finished, deliver groceries and let in a tradesman.

48: Letters to potential clients of a client

3: Offices I’ve enquired into renting space, for . . . → Read More: A Concierge week in numbers

Valentines Day (or Don't)

14th February. Romance or Rip Off?

This time last year I posted some general advice on Valentine’s Gifts. This year, as I sat down to give you some top tips for Valentines Day in Glasgow, I got to wondering how relevant it really was.

And so, instead of trotting out the usual, I asked some . . . → Read More: Valentines Day

Christmas Post

This is a guest post by a friend of mine, Roger. He’s an Australian, so that’s why he mentions $ and states – the advice applies just as much here though!


As a Post Office employee I’m amazed by the laxity of of people posting mail. Overseas mail with no mention of the . . . → Read More: Christmas Post