Our Clients.

Our clients are as varied a collection of people, as the tasks we perform for them.

Andrew┬áis an IT consultant who works away from home Monday – Thursday. Girl Monday makes sure he comes home to a clean flat, with food and beer in the fridge.

James works in a Business Park, and can’t get deliveries at work. He now gets his online orders delivered to us, and we take them to him at a time that suits. We also take any returns and other parcels to the post office for him. And remind him in time for him to send something to his mum on her birthday.

Clare needed to organise a trip to Australia at short notice. We booked flights, helped her with her visa and insurance, booked hotels and transfers, and booked her appointments for hairdressers and waxing before she left.

Fiona had a walk in cupboard full of ‘stuff’. Now she has a neat array of labelled storage boxes, so she can find everything easily.

What can Girl Monday do for you?