Do you have shelves that look like this?…and would rather they looked like this?

After decluttering Tidy shelvesbefore decluttering messy shelves

This took Girl Monday 1 1/2 days, including buying and assembling the shelves, arranging pickup of the old shelves by a local charity and clearing out the items which were no longer wanted.

We worked with the client to help figure out what was important to them, and why they wanted to keep certain items. We cleared the shelves one by one, sorting everything in to ‘keep’, ‘charity’ and ‘bin’, after which we could see how much shelving and in what sizes were needed, then we bought, assembled and re-stocked the shelves.

The client was thrilled to have an ‘office’ instead of clutter.


No project too big, too small or too intimidating. We declutter it all!

We’ve tackled front rooms, bedrooms, offices, kitchens and cupboards big and small. We’ve cleared garages and sent furniture for sale, to vintage and for recycling. We shred other people’s documents and get rid of moth eaten rugs, excess lamps (one client had 14 table lamps in a cupboard). We’ll check fuses, batteries and rewire plugs to check if things still work.

And we’re honest enough to help declutter wardrobes (Susan worked for a dress agency as a student – she really knows what she’s talking about).

And we do enough shopping that we know exactly what kind of storage boxes and solutions are on the market. Susan and Cat like to boast that they can build an IKEA bookcase in under 20 minutes – you can time them!