Errand Running

Sometimes you have to be in two places at once. Or something comes up that needs a car – ┬áthe day you took the train to work.

Girl Monday can do all that running around for you, and our rates include any mileage and parking. From a single errand or a whole days running around. And you’d be amazed at how much stuff we can fit in the back of an estate car!

  • Pick up internet orders from the shop or depot
  • Post your packages and boxes
  • Pick up prescriptions from the GP and get them filled
  • Deliver and distribute your boxes of brochures, christmas cards, and whatever you need taken from A to B.
  • Pick up your dry cleaning and ironing and collect it when it’s done.
  • Go to the supermarket, deli, off licence or cash and carry
  • Attend appointments at the Passport office (you don’t need to attend in person for renewals, just write us an authorisation letter)
  • Go to IKEA
  • Pick up parcels from the Delivery office – or have them sent straight to us, and we can bring them to you at a convenient time.
  • Ill friend? Send a Girl Monday round with provisions and pick-me-ups.
  • Track down that illusive item or ingredient you’ve been looking for.