House Sitting Services in Glasgow

Girl Monday runs the Glasgow House Sitting service. Our full website is . The main services are listed below.

We can look after your home for by the hour or day when there is a tradesman or delivery due, for only £10 an hour.

And while you are away for holidays or work, we can look after your property and make sure it’s in perfect condition for you to return to.  For only £20 per week we will visit once weekly to water plants, pick up the post, air out the property and whatever else you require.  Additionally our emergency service will make sure if something goes wrong we can set it right before you come home.

We can also arrange for those messy or inconvenient household repairs and maintenance tasks – like cleaning carpets and fitting new bathrooms to be done while you aren’t there to be put out by them.

Girl Monday understand the importance of your security and peace of mind.  All keys are kept in a locked box for storage and are never labelled with the property owner’s name or address.

Girl Monday Terms and Conditions 30 Sept 2011