Terms and Conditions

Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions

There aren’t many, but we do need a few.  Please note that items marked with* do not apply to Gift Vouchers with a code starting GMS.

If you are unsure of anything, or your voucher has expired but you would still like to use it, call Susan on 0141 280 4752, or drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

1) Gift Vouchers are usually valid within 20 miles of Glasgow City Centre (ie George Square).  Outwith this a surcharge or mileage fee may be charged.*

2) Holiday home-care is the basic home-care package, comprising one weekly visit and access to our emergency service, along with loan of lighting timers if required.  Additional services such as fridge filling are chargeable at our normal rates.  Our full home-care Ts and Cs will be applicable.

3) Home sitting is for our during the day wait-in service (for deliveries or tradesmen).  Gift Vouchers do not contribute towards our maximum daily charge.*

4) Gift vouchers must be redeemed in one go. * So, why not think of lots of those niggling little tasks and have us do them all at once? For example we can shred your junk mail while we wait for the engineer to come and install your broadband.

5) Gift vouchers are to be used during our standard working hours – 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday. We can take them as a discount on out-of-hours.

Please note that these conditions are liable to change, and that the conditions in place a the time of service booking will be the conditions applied a the time of redemption, if there is a change between these times.

Holiday Home Care Terms and Conditions

Our full terms and conditions for our Holiday Home Care package are set out in the downloadable .pdf.  We thought you’d want to know what we can do in detail.

Girl Monday Terms and Conditions 30 Sept 2011