Girl Monday-to-Friday for Business

Concentrate on your business – not your paperwork.

You did not go into business because you wanted to do admin work. We did, so why not let us do yours? Services we offer for business;

  • Home office organisation. Let us organise your filing and e-filing systems so you don’t waste time hunting for things. No space too small or too large. Most clients find that a day once or twice a year is all they need to clear decks and keep them clear.
  • Clear out waste paperwork and shred what you no longer need. Our confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • Put together lists of contacts and potential customers. We can phone everyone in a section of the yellow pages, or similar, and get the names and details you need to target your business.
  • Use our research expertise to compile names and information on potential customers, collaborators and competitors.
  • Sort out your junk emails from your customer contacts and set up group mailing lists so you get more business from the people who have already used you and know you offer a great service.
  • Putting together a big bid? We can help proof read, print, bind and deliver.
  • Back up your hard drives and store them for you in our premises in our fire-proof storage boxes.
  • A spare pair of hands and a set of wheels.
  • Send out your invoices, and follow up payments.
  • Data entry
  • Filing
  • Send out mailshots
  • Get quotes and samples for potential suppliers
  • Typing
  • Corporate Christmas cards, gift shopping and events.
In fact, any admin work your business needs done and you don’t have time for.

We don’t impose a one-size fits all solution on you, or your business. We listen and give you a solution that works for you – it’s all about freeing up your time, making your life easier and helping you maximise your profits.