August 2019
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Christmas Post

┬áThis is a guest post by a friend of mine, Roger. ┬áHe’s an Australian, so that’s why he mentions $ and states – the advice applies just as much here though!


As a Post Office employee I’m amazed by the laxity of of people posting mail.
Overseas mail with no mention of the destination country, for example (ok if going to a major city, but to a small town in Croatia… perplexing).
Paying a premium price for Express mail to another state but putting your own postcode (this happens with monotonous regularity).
Putting not only your mail but also your car keys, wallet or interoffice mail in the mailbox.
Wrapping a parcel in friable paper & expecting it to arrive intact.
Not sealing large envelopes containing confidential documents (the contents fell out of one envelope I handled & had a cheque for $27000 on top!).

This afternoon I received several envelopes wrapped in xmas paper addressed to a local town but without a return address. One, however was addressed to “Mum & Dad” from “xxxx & xxxx”. I’ve included it in that town’s mail hoping that the local staff know the names & can readdress it appropriately.

With Christmas mail swamping me & my colleagues, I plead that you take care when addressing mail.

Happy Christmas, folks!



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